Re: writing help files for gnome 2.0 programs

On 22 Aug 2002, Luis Villa wrote:

> Probably the best place for many of these questions is
> gnome-doc-list gnome org, FWIW, though some of the yelp questions
> are probably appropriate at desktop-devel-list gnome org  Good luck-
> Luis
> P.S. Admins, when are we finally going to shut this list down? How
> long has it been deprecated for now? :)

Why is this list "deprecated"?  The other lists you mention seem to
have different foci: gnome-doc-list seems to be concerned with the
documentation of gnome itself, and desktop-devel-list seems to focus
on development of gnome itself.  Important topics, but they're not
what I'm primarily interested in, namely issues relating to the
development of apps for the gnome platform.  I thought that was the
topic of this list.

Allin Cottrell.

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