Re: writing help files for gnome 2.0 programs

On 24 Aug 2002, Mikael Hallendal wrote:

> > OK, I see.  I can now get it to appear under
> > Applications/Scientific/Other, though it seems a bit funny that it
> > can't be put under the GNOME heading, since it is a gnome program.
> > I take your point that there has to be a fixed set of categories, but
> > it seems the Gnome/Applications category could do with a few more
> > sub-categories (Education, Scientific, Other?).
> Hmm .. that sounds like a good idea. You should email scrollkeeper-devel
> about adding it. I guess you can put it in GNOME/Others or
> GNOME/Applications though they might not be the best places. (I'd put it
> in GNOME/Applications for now).

OK, will do.

> > One other thing: If I go to "About this document", I'm seeing on
> > stderr
> >
> > (yelp:11924): Yelp-WARNING **: Failed to open:
> > ghelp:/opt/gnome2/share/gnome/help/gretl/C/stylesheet/gnome-logo-icon.png
> >
> > I'm not sure where this is coming from: gnome-logo-icon.png is not
> > explicitly referenced in my xml.
> Did you include the <articleinfo> part? This is what should be shown
> there. Clicking "About this document" in MrProject I don't get the
> warning. It might be if you don't have the <articleinfo> it uses some
> standard page (which obviously have some error :)

I have <bookinfo> rather than <articleinfo>, and I think there must be
a bug in the processing of this element.  yelp-custom.xsl includes

<xsl:template xmlns:xsl="";
    <img align="left" src="stylesheet/gnome-logo-icon.png" alt="GNOME

If I try to satisfy this by creating a stylesheet subdir of myapp/C
and putting a copy of gnome-logo-icon.png in there, then yelp goes all
weird when it tries to display the about page.  It doesn't show
anything, but spawns a process that eats 100% CPU trying to do some
info2html conversion.

Allin Cottrell.

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