gnomecanvas, text and zooming


I've got a Gnomecanvas on which I'm using

gnome_canvas_set_pixels_per_unit (GNOME_CANVAS(canvas), zoomx);

to resize the canvas in response to canvas realize events, so that if
the window changes size, the canvas zooms to fit. This works like magic
for all canvas items except text. (This is gnome 1.4).

I was hoping to be able to scale text like the GnomePrint preview widget
does, but that widget looks to be doing quite a bunch of stuff under the

I haven't got Gnome2 working yet, and I'm wondering if text on a
Gnomecanvas is scalable in Gnome2, or will I have to try the
alternatives suggest in Havoc P's book on Gnome (t1lib,
DisplayPostscript etc) ?



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