Re: panel and session manager usability requests

Am Son, 2002-08-25 um 23.57 schrieb Ali Akcaagac:

> session manager:
> ================
> i have issues understanding the session manager functionality specially
> if you tweak in the preferences. i tab to the 'current sessions' and see
> some things inside it that i want to remove.. i select 'remove' and
> 'close' then i get a dialog saying that i havent saved things. and if
> it's ok to leave... now i ask myself 'saving things ?' i don't see a
> save button here. so i get back and press 'apply' now i think 'all is
> done now let's close the programm' i gonna press 'close' and i get the
> same dialog again.
> i have reported this issue as bugreport on bugzilla 1 month ago and
> haven't got a reply on this yet but i think this is quite confusing.
> - if i press 'apply' then i think the stuff is beeing saved since i
>   don't find a save button.
> - if things are beeing 'applied' as in "i have verified it now logout
>   and press save sessions" then i must ask myself why thing's aren't
>   saved correctly the same 2 dead programs show up again the next time i
>   start up gnome.. this seriously should not happen.

I really got confused by this dialog, too. The whole thing seems really
And why oh why is the apply-button in this dialog located next to the
delete button at the top of the dialog? Shouldn't it be next to the
close button?


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