Wish list....

I would like to make some suggestions for gnome that I've seen in previous
releases. Maybe you already have this in the new 2.0 tree I'm not sure.
But I thought I'd voice these suggestions to the mailing list in hopes
that someone may decide to add these features.

First I'd like to suggest that the terminal progrm be fixed so that it
displays text properly when we change the font size.

Second I have some suggestions about added features that exist in KDE. For
instance I really like the little calendar that pops up at the bottom when
we click on the clock.

Third I really like it when windows to overlap the task bar when I
maximize them. (This feature is really important too me.)

If Version 2 or any of future gnome distrose have these features in them
then I will gladly switch back to gnome. But these features are whats
preventing me from switching right now.

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