XSelectInput in applets

Hi all

A question of policy: how are panel applets supposed to use XSelectInput
call? The problem in details:

1. All the applets (correct me if I am wrong) share the same X window
and single X event cycle - with same event mask.

2. There are applets which install own event masks (like Pager and my
GSwitchIt) on startup.

3. Applets cannot really clean these masks on exit - because other
applets can use the same mask. At least that's the policy of the Pager
applet - and it can be considered as the only reasonable solution for a

4. So, finally the gnome-panel input mask can become "notify on
everything" - even if there are NO applets interested in most of the
events (if user removed the applets which registered some bits in the

So, the question is: should gnome-panel offer some API to
register/unregister required input masks - and call XSelectInput
according to the really necessary event mask bits?

Hope these two lists are the right ones to ask a question like this...



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