Re: Canvas unicode font issue in redhat8.0

Bruno Coudoin <bcoudoin anfora fr> writes:

> I just ported gcompris to gnome 2.
> It works fine on Mandrake 9.0 but when I compile it on redhat 8.0, the
> fonts in the gnome canvas are not displayed correctly, all accents are
> displayed as 2 chars instead of the proper one.

Sounds like you have messed up the string encodings. Try running the
command "locale" on both systems.

GTK+ wants the strings in UTF-8 encoding. So if you are using gettext,
you need something like this upon startup:

  int main(...)
    // ...

    bind_textdomain_codeset(GETTEXT_PACKAGE, "UTF-8");

    // ...

Does this help?

Ole Laursen

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