Re: remove gnome-cd (and cddb-slave) from gnome-media

On Jo, 2002-02-21 at 14:50, hobbit aloss ukuu org uk wrote:
> Is this what I call "gtcd"? If so, I do occasionally use it.
yes, has been renamed to gnome-cd in gnome2.

> The UI of xmms baffles me :) 
as you said, it's a matter of taste.
grip is a good example of a nice application. But because of this
it shouldn't go in gnome desktop suite. Let it be as a separate
package and let distributions include it.

gnome developers should focus on the gnome core / major apps.
gnome-cd was ported to gnome2, while gnome-hint wasn't
That means more delays to gnome2 release (if anybody cares
about planning...)

> Open bugs in bigger apps is a fair point. Better alternatives is
> a matter of taste. Some people may just want to hack on CD players :) 
no problem with that. make gnome-cd a separate package on sourceforge
and let them work on it (they should better improve grip if xmms
is not their choice).

> I presume, though, you are proposing to just remove them from
> the Makefile, not from CVS itself? Iain at Ximian is probably
drop it completly, remove from CVS.

I just hate having thousands of little apps (see and
none of them working perfectly. What if people who contributed
to gimp started instead their own john_doe_paint, just to have
their own application with their name of freshmeat? gimp wouldn't
be _the_ image manipulation program on gnu/linux today.

It's good to do your own little app and learn from it, but then
drop it and contribute to one of the most used application which
does the same think. This benefits the most people.

Here I can give myself as an example

You don't have to go to jail for helping your neighbour

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