Accessibility for profterm

Hi ,

As a part of providing accessibility to the profterm application I tried

to add atk relation between the components in "Edit profile" dialog box.

"Edit profile" dialog box was created using "profterm.glade2"  xml file.

This profterm.glade2 was generated from older version of glade through
libglade-convert during build process. I found that accessibility
feature is not supported for the older version of glade.

Hence in the source file "profile-editor.c"  I tried to set the
realtions through a small piece of code. Here I used the function call
as shown below for setting relations.

 widget_label_relation_set (glade_xml_get_widget("label29"),
glade_xml_get_widget ("profile entry") );

My fear is that i am hard coding the names like 'label29' and 'profile
entry'. Suppose in future someone else changes the name of "label29" to
something else while generating a new xml file then the particular piece

of  code has no use.

My question  is
a) Is this way of hard coding  correct?
b) Is there any idea of using glade2 directly instead of converting it
from older version of glade ?

Please let me know how to go about adding accessibility in this case.

Thanks and Regards,

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