Re: Work woth GUI from a thread that was made by pthread_create function

That's a bit strong to say use heavy processes, not threads.  The glib
and gdk functions do make it easy to attach handlers to i/o events,
which often eliminates the need for threads and child processes
altogether.  However, GTK+ is thread-aware if you follow the guidelines
in the FAQ.  One thread can only manipulate the GUI at a time (true on
windows or gtk).  So you have to use special critical section blocks. 
This has been covered quite a bit on this list(s), even in the last


On Thu, 2002-02-07 at 16:41, G Hasse wrote:
> On 7 Feb 2002, jacob berkman wrote:
> > On Sat, 2002-02-02 at 07:32, admin kiesoft com wrote: > Hi! > > I'm
> > writing GNOME/GTK+ application for Linux that has a few work thread.
> > Each thread made by "pthread_create" function). When I try to access
> > GUI from child thread (thread that was made by main process) my app is
> > locked or dumped. What I have to do to be able wprk with GUI from a
> > thread that was made by "pthread_create"? > > Any help will be
> > appreciated!
> You should not use thread's in a gui-application. You should
> make separate processes and communicate whith them. Use
> gdk_input_add( fd, GDK_INPUT_READ, GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC(file_function),
> &cmd_info );
> to jump to a callback if there is some data on the file descriptor.
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