Searching feedback for the SandUhr timer utility


I wish you all a good start for the new year.
For the last days I worked hard to prepare a
new revision of my SandUhr timer utility.

It uses all the nifty GNOME features and
has a full-grown CORBA interface.  And the
best: it even cames with a manual.

Because I use several technologies here, which
are new to me, I am looking for some feedback.
Did I register my program correctly with the
GNOME OAF library?  Does the CORBA interface
work?  Is my DocBook markup for the manual
correct?  Did I use scrollkeeper correctly?  Is
everything installed into the correct locations?
Are there any remaining bugs?

If anybody would be willing to have a look at my
program, I would be really grateful.  You may
find it at

You should download the file "sanduhr-0.3.54.tar.gz"
from there.

Thank you in advance,

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