gcc 3.0.3: gtkmm / libsigc

hello all,

after installing gcc 3.0.3 yesterday, I decided to reinstall the entire
gnome 1.4... however, I can't get gtkmm to configure correctly anymore,
it complains in config.log about the conftest.C file not compiling, and
the screen shows:

configure: error: Libsigc++ is required to compile Gtk--. If libsigc++
was installed
but no found to be sane,  most likely you have not placed the
/usr/local/lib path in the library config file and run ldconfig.

Could this have anything to do with the stricter control on the use of
namespaces by gcc 3.0, and if so, is there a way around it?

I had programs of my own that were ok for gcc 2.95.3 but didn't compile
with 3.0.3, and every time it was because I didn't specify namespaces

bye, D.

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