Re: I want to help

Markus Bertheau <twanger bluetwanger de> writes: 
> How long is appropriate to wait?
> I have no response yet.

Most maintainers respond in a few days. Some tend to do everything on
weekends so may take a week. Longer than that and they are either on
vacation or not doing a very good job, or you mailed the wrong
person. At that point you want to mail the list and see if someone
knows who the right person is or where the maintainer went, or try
mailing the maintainer again to remind them to respond.

Feel free to hassle people as much as required, remember most people
are overworked volunteers so they tend to be so flooded in stuff to do
and easily lose track of something they were supposed to respond to.

If all else fails, bugzilla records patches so if a maintainer goes
missing, when we get someone new they can find pending stuff in bugzilla.


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