Re: Creating my own widget (err: class is smaller than its parent class)

On 2002.01.20 14:22 rob wrote:

you haven't left space for the parents instance struct in your one

struct _GtkCodeText{

should be

struct _GtkCodeText
	GtkText gtkText;

Also your files are named crazily
GtkCodeText.h should be GtkCodeText.c
GtkCodeText_in.h should be GtkCodeText.h
(though it dosen't really matter what you call them it confuses other
people that have to look at them)

It's fixed :)

You also shouldn't use the Gtk prefix for you own classes as there is
a possibilty that it might clash with a name from gtk
hope this helps

Aldo I already found the problem before I read your mail
it was indeed correct what you said :). I also fixed the
filenames and am going to fix the prefix stuff now.

are also updated in case somebody else wants to
check the more-correct files.

Philip van Hoof aka freax (
irc: mailto:freax @

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