Devel strategy of the file selection dialogs?

Hello all,

I've seen a recent post in this list about file dialogs in 
Gnome. I think everybody is very concerned about this issue. 

I've never understood why two important dialogs have never 
been overloaded in gnome ui libraries to be Gnome-ified: 
the file selector and the color selector.

Choosing to develop with Gnome is not the same as 
developping with Gtk so I don't see why we should use Gtk-only 
widgets. The KDE team has faced exactly the same issue 
with Qt-only application and KDE ones. When you develop 
with KDE you *never* have the idea to create a 
QtFileDialog (or whatever it is called) but instead you'll 
use the enhanced KFileDialog. Why the distinction between
Gtk/Gnome is stronger than Qt/KDE? Qt means exactly the 
same for KDE than Gtk/Glib for Gnome, so why is it so

The new release of Gnome 2.0 should have been a good step
to introduction a new and more Gnome-friendly manner to
invoke a file selector... Ok, old application still call
the generic Gtk file selector? Well, too bad, wait for the port!
But for God sake, stop using this generic widgets anymore!!
We could have a file selector using all services provided
by Gnome.

I've also seen in the Gnome CVS tree, two or three file
selector modules like file-sel, gnome-file-selector or 
even one in libbonoboui... I'm lost. I don't understand 
your devel strategy about this widget, I looks like it 
is a real pain to make and that we'll have to live with 
it forever!

So, please try to make me clear about of what you're 
planning to do about it!

Thank you!

Frederic Brunel
(brunel @ mail.dotcom dot fr)
"You can't rush art."

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