Re: why i can't draw the graphic??

闄 鑳 wrote:

After reading the material showed by you,I don't understand why the first time
drawing can't be viewed?and it is obviously hidden.

The configure event,i keep it in the code.But only when i hit the window,the configure event will happen,and draw the graphic.It make me confused because it
should happen when the window originally produced.

If you draw on a window before it has been mapped to the screen, then nothing will happen. The way the X drawing model works is that when a portion of a window gets displayed, an "expose event" gets sent back to the application. The application responds to the expose event by drawing what is supposed to be in that area.

Even if the initial drawing did display, it is probably not what you want -- as soon as your window gets hidden and exposed, whatever you drew would be gone.


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