Re: maintaining both GNOME1 and GNOME2

On Tue, 2002-07-30 at 21:37, Ricardo Quesada wrote:
> Hi,
> 	Is there a gnome-hello project or something like that supports
> both the GNOME1 and GNOME2 code.
> 	I'm the author of a GNOME 1 game ( 
> The GNOME2 is a beta-version. But what I would like to know
> is if there is a 'starndard' way to support both GNOME1 and GNOME2
> in the,,, etc.
> Thanks,
> riq.
> PS: If there is no 'gnome-hello' for GNOME1 and GNOME2 can anyone point
> me a project that supports both platforms ?

why not split them into two projects? Gnome1 version (bug fixes/network
changes only) and Gnome2 for features/bug fixes etc..

thanks for teg btw :)

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