Re: gnome (gconf) saga - please read

On Sun, 2002-03-03 at 16:43, Elliot Lee wrote:
> When the gconfd dies mysteriously (e.g. you kill the session it is part
> of), the XML backend leaves a lock directory that you just need to remove
> - ~/.gconf/%gconf-xml-backend.lock

Obscure, to say the least. Why can't gconf figure this out itself?

> The funky flailing you did is probably what caused the loss of settings,
> not any gconf design problems.

In this case perhaps, but averaged over many such experiences, I would
still have to conclude that gconf (or whatever mechanisms are being
employed) is not very robust. I also get concerned when I see things
like the galeon developers saying 'we have no idea why this happens
(gconf looses settings), but try "kill something-or-other" and hope it
works'. Doesn't speak to a transparent or robust design. Anyway, that
was largely a pent-up rant after many similar episodes over the past
couple of years.


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