Re: Splitting logout options

arvind <arvind samptur wipro com> writes:
> In the  Gnome2 panel, under Actions menu, we have Logout
> option which pops up a dialog with logout, reboot and shutdown
> options.
> As part of bug #70710,  those 3 options should be moved under
> Actions menu itself. The call, the client(panel) makes to the session
> manager is through SmcRequestSaveYourself. We need to pass the
> type of action selected i.e logout or reboot or shutdown to the session
> manager.  Currenlty we cannot pass the selected action type  with
> SmcRequestYourself.
> Any suggestions to pass this information to Session Manager would
> be of great help.

Check the archives of xdg-list freedesktop org, specifically this thread:

This tells you the arguments that _should_ be passed to
RequestSaveYourself, you have to read the whole thread to find the end
conclusion that we reached.

Matthias's mail here:
And me agreeing and phrasing it differently here:

To quote what I said:

 Local = a)
 Global = b)
 Both = c)

See the mail for what a/b/c are.

But you should be able to just copy what the current logout dialog
does, right? I'm not sure what you are having problems with, as far as
just moving the functionality, since you could just copy the existing

The existing code doesn't do quite what Matthias and I agreed to do


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