Re: Splitting logout options

On 16 Mar 2002, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> arvind <arvind samptur wipro com> writes: 
> > How do I determine which dialog to be popped up (logout or shutdown
> > or restart) in the session manger code. Because the
> > SmcRequestSaveYourself will not allow me to send any additional
> > data.
> Oh, good point. I understand now.
> As Owen says, this is Hard To Fix. I agree - maybe the logout dialog
> should still have the shutdown/restart actions for 2.0, instead of
> moving them to the panel.

Well, logout dialog that has shutdown/reboot options is pretty bogus
anywhere but on a single-user workstation, so a way (say a gconf key) to
not show shutdown options would be nice in that case...

> Havoc


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