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John Fleck wrote:

On Sun, 2002-05-05 at 02:47, Peter Hägg wrote:


I've been playing around with the latest Garnome and I have to say that I really like it. Gnome2 has gone forward a big notch since beta3. Excellent work guys!I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but point me to the correct mailing list if not.

I'm a big fan of the mail checker applet but honestly, I really don't like the behaviour it has right now. If my mailbox (a pop3 mbox provided by my ISP) is offline while the mail check is done, the applet lets me know that it will disable the checks for now! This is not very appropriate IMHO. Now I have to check the 'check mail every...' manually every time I "guess" that the mbox is online.

My mbox is quite often offline from a minute to ten minutes so this happens a lot. I think the applet should only show a dialog that the mbox is offline, if even that. Mozilla Mail does the same nagging and I hate having those dialog boxes popping up.

Could you file a bug in so this doesn't get lost?

Filed under bug #80853.

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