gnome calculator font


I'm often forced to use kcalc in place of gcalc
because of its ability to manipulate and convert
numbers of different base (hex, dec, oct, bin).

I've finally gotten around to doing what I thought
would be a fairly trivial hack to gcalc to add this

Unfortuately I've discovered that gcalc uses the funky
calculator-font.png (which incidently is part of
gnome-libs while gcalc in in gnome-utils?!) for its
main display font and it doesn't contain the A-F
digits needed to display hex.

So I have two questions:

1) what program/font was used to create this .png? Can
it be used by me to add the necessary digits?

2) what are the chances of my enhancement being added
to gcalc? (if Q1 above goes unanswered I'm prepared to
convert the png to an xpm and add the needed digits by
hand, but I won't bother doing it if it won't be


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