Re: GGV embedding through bonobo

Hi Michael

> 	Firstly, your question belongs on the gnome-components list, so I've
> CC'd there, can you follow up just to that.

> 	It seems unlikely that this warning is caused by
> bonobo_widget_new_subdoc. That should work just fine for you. I strongly
> reccommend though that new development of this nature should use the
> Gnome 2.0 platform; really ...
:((( At the moment I don't have enough space to install GNOME 2. And
having good old stable :) GNOME 1.4 is important to me. Sorry. So I
would prefer to stick with 1.4 as long as possible

> 	This looks like you're trying to call the Bonobo_Storage_copyTo method
Not me, GGV:) Actually, the problem disappeared when I switched to the
latest devel version of GGV. Other problems appeared though ...:) well,
I they are not for this mailing list - I think I will discuss them with
Jaka personally...



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