GNOME and printing


I think that GNOME should provide support for CUPS which seems to become the standard printing system for *ix and Linux (there is already strong support for CUPS in KDE). This could be achieved by adding two features to GNOME:

1. CUPS options could be included into the GNOME printing dialog, resulting in something like XPP or QtCUPS.

2. There should be some print queue manager in GNOME, preferably using CUPS features.

If someone is interested (I'm not a very experienced programmer), here are some helpful links:
[1] - general information about CUPS
[2] - XPP, a printing dialog
[3] - QtCUPS, a printing dialog
[4] - GTK print queue manager
[5] - GTK printing dialog

Since [4] and [5] are GTK programs, they could probably be ported to GNOME or used within GNOME applications.

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