Re: extended zvt widget

lÝr, 2002-05-11 kl. 02:51 skrev Cristiano De Michele:
> On Fri, 2002-05-10 at 19:17, jacob berkman wrote:
> > On Fri, 2002-05-10 at 07:45, Cristiano De Michele wrote:
> > > Hi,
> > > any news on my zvt patches? have you tested them a bit?
> > > actually my terminal (MultiGnomeTerminal 1.4.1)
> > > has those patches applied and it's running quite fine
> > > (no bug report on that actually),
> > 
> > not since you said "i don't have the time to do the work needed to get
> > it merged upstream".
> > 
> > jacob
> Dear Jacob,
> I simply said that I don't like the idea to split them in 
> thousands of's different,
> it seems to me that for some unknown reason you
> don't want to hack on vt.c/vt.h and apply my patches
> I wonder at that but that's it,
> is there anyone around who thinks that it's 
> worth adding my patches? please inform Jacob ;-)
> anyway if it's not so, no problem, that's life,

I think it would be very good to have the patches in there since they
surely are the result of a great deal of work and it would be sad to
lose the possibility to take advantage of said work.

I would also like to try to get as much as possible into 1.4.1 if it
turns out to be stable etc. At least I could do a gnome-terminal/libzvt
bugfix update after 1.4.1 if the need for testing means not getting it
in by 1.4.1 (hmm? there is a schedule for this release? :)

Maybe you won't have to split them up in "thousands" of patches. Good
descriptions of what the patches do could enable someone else to try
splitting them up maybe.

Did you add code to handle UTF8 in your patches or did you just leave
that feature out? I understood that you based your work on code from
1.4.x but without the "support" for UTF8 that went in there.


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