Re: Adding my app to the "extra" app list

On Fri, 2002-05-17 at 18:38, Gabor Torok wrote:

> I have a db client that can access oracle and mysql and I'd like to add it to 
> the "extra" apps list. Is this possible, and if so how is this done? 
> Here's my app:

Hello.  If your app is ported to GNOME2 it would be eligible for
consideration to be included in the GNOME2 Fifth Toe.  We're hoping to
keep the Fifth Toe relatively small in terms of number of apps, not
simply a list of every application that is not included in the core
GNOME release, but if you can port to GNOME2 and the app is of high
quality it could be considered.  

Here are some simple guidelines I'd like to see used to determine what
makes it into the GNOME2 Fifth Toe.  

- the app is well-ported (i.e. uses the new platform as much as
possible)  See the porting guide for details:

- the app is of high quality (sort of subjective, I know, but you know a
low-quality app when you see it).

- the app doesn't overlap with another app in the Fifth Toe or core
GNOME2 release.  We don't need, e.g. 8 different text editors that do
roughly the same thing.  In the case of overlapping functionality, the
best app wins (the app that meets these criteria best and has the most

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