Re: UTF-8 in zvt widget

Cristiano De Michele <demichel na infn it> writes:
> is it all going well with GNOME 2.0? hope so...
> I have today rewritten the UTF8 support in zvt 
> looking closely at xterm code just to be sure :)
> (essentially I grabbed its UTF-8 parser)
> anyway I have (and also xterm seems to have )
> problems with characters/font rendering, I mean that 
> I can see UCS-2 level 1 chars on my MGT term (grabbing them 
> for example from
> but if I try to delete a characters sequence 
> I can also delete bash prompt meaning that chars width 
> is someway wrong...have you any idea/suggestion about that?

No idea. ;-) I know _nothing_ about the zvt terminal emulation stuff.

> This weekend I'll send my patches for zvt widget but 
> I'll not include UTF-8 patches because they're not enough 
> tested yet (I had to make significant changes to the code
> because now each terminal cell is 32bit wide, i.e. it's 
> a wide char while attributes are stored in a separate 32
> bit cell), do you agree?

Yes, I would expect UTF-8 support to potentiallly introduce bugs.


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