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1   There is a printer control panel. Here you can
1.2 Add printers
1.3 Set default printer
1.4 Access the queues of the printers
1.5 Configure the printers. Configs set here are the default configs for
a given printer

2   From the individual application print dialogs it's possible to
access printers too. Here you can
2.1 Configure print settings for the current app, the current document,
and the current print job
2.1.1 Every app and every document (and every user) can have different
settings. I.e., when I have 2 docs open in an app, I can set one to
print 300 dpi color, the other 150 dpi b/w. Docs in another app can 
have again different settings 
2.1.2 These settings are preserved as long as the doc and/or the app is
open. On closing/reopening the settings are restored to default as set
in 1.5

Of course it may be that I am brainwashed by MS, but I think that they
have got it right. I work in a Graphics shop and this arrangement really
makes sense in my work flow.
At home I use CUPS, and its web interface to configure it. And frankly,
it drives me crazy that the printer settings are /per printer/ instead
of /per user/. My wife prints lots of stuff in 150 dpi b/w mode. I
seldom print, but when I do I want 600 dpi color. Now, I configure,
print, forget about it. But next time I print, I find that my wife has
set the printer to her settings, and I get ugly printouts. I hate that.
Granted, it may be that what I want is possible and I have misconfigured
printing, but I am a fairly experienced Linux user, and I doubt that the
general desktop user has a chance to get it right if I didn't. Whereas,
in Windows /everybody/ can do it right, in what I find a rather
intuitive way


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