Re: Bonobo property bags

Hi Russel,

On Thu, 2002-10-31 at 21:43, Strong, Russell wrote:
> Is there a reason why setting multiple properties with bonobo_pbclient_set
> are done one at a time? i.e.
> bonobo_pbclient_set uses (idl function) Bonobo_PropertyBag_setValue instead
> of Bonobo_PropertyBag_setValues ( note the s on the end ).

	As you say, we should use setValues to improve the roundtrip efficiency
there lots; more importantly we should use getValues.

> The problem I have is this.  I have a periodically executing simulator that
> uses a property bag as it's external interface.  This simulator takes in
> several parameters to control it, but these parameters must all be set
> simultaneously else they could represent an invalid command if half are set
> and the other half are not when the simulation "time tick" occurs.  This
> would be solved it setValues ( note the s ) was used.

	Ok; so - it depends what interface you want to expose really; do you
want to expose one that can be inconsistant ? ultimately even the
setValues results in a slew of separate setProp's - (unless you
sub-class PropertyBag and grab that method). [ albeit without an idle
loop happening between them ;-].

>  Is this
> something that is still being developed? or has it been abandoned?
> Should I stay away from property bags / bonobo for this application?

	It's still being maintained; but I'm not sure how we could make this
better for you. You might like to consider some of the properties being
structs - that's no problem, that batch together values that must be set
atomically; I'd love a patch that made setv/getv use set/getValues
though :-)



 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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