Howto create a panel-applet for Gnome2 ?

Hi all,
first excuse me for my very bad English :o)

1) I'm a newbie in the gnome developpement, I would like to do a small
applet for me. But firts I've try the example who are in the
libpanel-applet-doc. I have create my applet with Anjuta (style of
project: GNOME 2.0 Bonobo component, is it the good method ??) and I
have create my .server file.
Now in the pop-up menu of panel I can choose my applet, but when i would
like launch it I have a message box error, it says : foo ....
  Have you got an idea on what is my problem please ?

2) How to reload the applet without restart gnome2 plz ?

3) how to compile an applet ?

Thank you very much for your reading and for your response.


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