affine_rotate a text canvas item

I'm trying to rotate a line of text by 10 degrees with the code below. In the rendered result, the text appears unrotated.

I'm using gnome_canvas_new_aa(), and libgnomecanvas version 2.0.4.

If you know of an application that successfully uses text rotation, or if you have any suggestions, I'd appreciate it.

   double rotate_affine[6];
   GnomeCanvasItem *item;
item = gnome_canvas_item_new(GNOME_CANVAS_GROUP(graph->y_axis_group),
                         "x", (double)0,
                         "y", (double)0,
                         "anchor", GTK_ANCHOR_WEST,
                         "font", "variable",
                         "fill_color", "white",
                         "text","yabba dabba doo",
NULL); art_affine_rotate(rotate_affine, 10);
   gnome_canvas_item_affine_relative(item, rotate_affine);

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