Re: Small embeddable scripting language ?

N. Wieland wrote:

- biswapesh_chatterjee tcscal co in :
I'm looking for a scripting engine for Anjuta. It would be used for
extending functionality through user-defined tools as well as a
templating language for wizards. The requirements are:

1) Small (since we'll probably have to distribute it with Anjuta)
2) Reasonably fast
3) Embeddable from C programs
4) Ability to register/call C functions
5) Free

I would suggest Python. It's not too small, but AFAIK it's included in
all the most known Linux distributions and *BSD.
With 2, 3, 4, 5 you're describing Python :)
Also, Python has another thing going for it:
6) GTK+ and ORBit bindings

This could be quite useful for scripting Anjuta. Python will most likely be on people's computer already (if not, then part of their distro), so that would give it a size advantage over LUA :)


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