is liboaf part of the gnome 2 environment?


I want to port my SandUhr timer utility to Gnome 2.  The
first problem I run into is the following:

The Gnome 1 version of SandUhr uses the OAF library to
activate CORBA objects.  Using the ORBit Python bindings
I could write scripts like

    #! /usr/bin/env python
    import CORBA, oaf, SandUhr

    factory = oaf.activate("repo_ids.has('IDL:SandUhr/TimerFactory:1.0')",[])
    factory.CreateTimer ("+30s", "timer expired")

Now it seems to me, that the OAF library is not a part of
Gnome 2.  Is this correct?  How should I activate my
SandUhr CORBA objects in the GNOME 2 version?


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