libwnck requires gtk+ version 2.1.0 from CVS


Not sure if this is the right list to post to.  I am trying to compile
GNOME 2.0 from CVS head.  I did it fine the first time now I am trying
to update to the latest CVS version.  I am using jhbuild.  An error
keeps occuring with a few packages, the first of which is libwnck.  It
seems GTK+ is not getting updated and instead stays at version 2.0.6
while libwnck requests version 2.1.0.  At first I though it was an error
in the way the gtk build was doing versioning so I changed the version
number in gtk+'s .pc file.  That only caused libwnck to spit out
undefined symbol errors.  I've also tried rechecking out gtk+ which
still compiles version 2.0.6.  Any suggestions?


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