Re: GConf

Anil Kumar Putla wrote:

	I just missed that line.  g_free(str);

	I am just worried about the output of g_mem_profile(), when i am using
gconf. Just checkout the output of g_mem_profile().

GLib Memory statistics (failing operations):
--- none ---
Total bytes: allocated=199865, zero-initialized=11936 (5.97%),
freed=179441 (89.78%), remaining=20424
MemChunk bytes: allocated=11864, freed=0 (0.00%), remaining=11864
In such a short program, you are likely seeing the effects of one time initialisations of various internal structures. These structures generally aren't freed (which is not generally a problem). If you changed your example to lookup 100 times as many strings, and it leaked 100 times as much memory then it would be a bug.


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