customization of application menu


I have a system with multiple installations of gnome using a different prefix. For example,
I am currently installing gnome 2.1 in /opt/gnome/2.1.
The next release will go in /opt/gnome/2.2

I also have to apply the same customization to all application menus (in all /opt/gnome/2.x). The files share by all releases to customize the menu should be stored in /opt/gnome/common.

Ideally, once the system is configured, I should be able to add or remove entries in the application
menu by editing some files in  /opt/gnome/common.

This is not really difficult except I could not find a way to add or remove a folder in the root of application menu without editing all files /opt/gnome/2.x/etc/gnome-vfs-2.0/vfolders/applications-all-users.vfolder-info

Is there a way to 'include' some directories definitions into the application menu?

<MergeDir> could do that except that that <MergeDir> does not allow to select the folder content using keywords (i.e. <query>). Also, <MergeDir> seems a bit obsolete ('old style' according to


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