Re: new application, Gnome Clipboard Manager

On Wed, 2002-09-25 at 23:42, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> I don't remember any followups to your mail, so just a couple
> comments:
>  - I think the feature is really useful and important.
>    We should get it in core GNOME.

Great. If adding Gnome Clipboard Manager to core GNOME requires fixes
and stuff; then please let me know or fix them en send me patches ;).
-for example, there is no good documentation yet, and I think the
automake scripts are not 100% okay-

>  - I'd like to see a panel applet as the main UI for it
>    if possible (rather than keep a windowopen all the time).

The first (Gnome 1.x) versions of Gnome Clipboard Manager had the option
to start the application as an applet. Because the PanelApplet API has
changed a lot I have not yet ported that feature to Gnome2. I was more
thinking about a new application for the PanelApplet stuff or a
configure switch like '--build-as-applet' or something like that.

Somebody asked if it would be possible to build GCM as a bonobo
component. Not a bad idea; the problem is that if there is more then one
GCM running .. both will start looping forever by stealing the other
ones selection and reclaiming ownership (so if more then one application
would embed the gnome clipboard manager bonobo component then they would
start looping ? :) -not good-). ps. This is a known bug which I still
have to solve ;) -the fact that if you start two Gnome Clipboard
Managers that they will both start looping if the autocollect feature is

>  - It's important to avoid technical terms such as "owning the
>    selection" in the UI, I think.

True.. maybe terms like that could be replaced with something like  "I
have a clipboard set" and "I don't have a clipboard set a.t.m."

Gcm 2.0.1 is more a 'look, this is something new' release to get people
intrested in the application then a 'finished' application. I do have
other features in mind like network-stuff which will allow the user to
send her clipboards to another host running gcm too (and to other tools
which are already available -like WebClipboard, NetClipboard or
netclip-) and converting target-types to other targets (for example
converting the text/html target to one of the targets
needs for pasting)

> Havoc

Philip van Hoof aka freax (
irc: mailto:me at freax dot org
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