Strange initial geometry hints and metacity


Does anyone happen to know why the initial geometry hints
(GDK_HINT_BASE_SIZE) for a BonoboWindową would be non-zero?  In my case
the initial base size is something like 375x164 but I have no idea where
that's coming from.

Now, the result of the non-zero geometry hints is that it's making
metacity handle the geometry rather oddly when it's saving the session. 
Namely, the geometry metacity saves is exactly the 'base size' amount
smaller than what Galeon is saving in its session files (the dimensions
it gets with gtk_window_get_size.)

When metacity restores the session, a Galeon window that vertically
filled the whole desktop (not vertically maximized, just resized such a
way) is restored so that it's not filling the desktop anymore.  Instead,
there's approximately the height of the top panel amount of empty space
below the window.

If I manually call gtk_window_set_geometry_hints and explicitly set the
base size to zero, the geometry saved by metacity matches the real
dimensions, and also the window is restored correctly.

What is happening here?

1. Well, a GaleonWindow that derives from BonoboWindow

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