Re: GNOME and advanced search indexes viability

Why not work on Medusa?  It is a gnome2 application now.  It's security
is largely address.  Adding content indexers is simple and quick.  It is
integrated with gnome-vfs so nfs/smb is a non issue.  It's command line
tool can be extended in a few days to impersonate locate/find+grep to
update the gnome search tool.

I initially thought of extending medusa, as witnessed by people on this mailing list. What turned the decision against initially using medusa or basing code on it were several issues: * we couldn't dual-license products based on medusa - GPL. we do intend to GPL our work, but we will dual-license it as well, l Qt.
* documentation for medusa is ZERO
* it's written in C, making development slow and making it hard to get people around here to work on it * the implementation is per-user, instead of being per-system. that means several medusa indexers and several indexes, instead of one master index. * we don't want a hundred PCs indexing the NFS server each. we want the search service to delegate queries to NFS servers, so as to avoid network load and wasted disk space * as there is no documentation, we don't know if Medusa can index gigabytes of files, extract their data and metadata, and provide less-than-10 second query response. Our initial prospect for the database, PostgreSQL, can indeed provide less-than-10 second response for queries, provided the proper indexes are applied to the proper tables.

But if you could help me work through these issues, we would be glad (after all, we'd be saving work) to do this. Trust me, what we want to do is much bigger than just medusa. We want to bring enterprise-class full text indexing and search to Linux, *and* open-source it. We also will be looking into data mining, to provide document maps and the like. This all when the basic technology is ready.

what do you say?

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