Re: Building off Medusa

Basically dnotify has a horrible interface (signals? WTF?), has a horrible implementation and has less-than-perfect semantics.

Yes. That's why we would wrap around FAM, and be done with the thing. You want incremental indexing, you cope with FAM. Anything else is simply not acceptable. And not having the incremental indexing is simply not acceptable. C'mon, it's the year 2003. Computers have the duty to serve us! (i hope this e-mail message is not around when AI begins to exist. I'd be the first target for each AI)

Another project (that supplies its own kernel module and may overcome
the file name limitation of dnotify) is changedfiles
(  Again, I haven't tried this

I haven't tried this, but depending on anything that is not accepted in the official kernel is bad.

Every now and then I talk to kernel developers about this issue, but they don't seem to be interested in the problem.
Hmm. They don't seem to be interested in many practical solutions and improvements. We'll pass the hot potato to the SGI guys, and simply use FAM.

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