Re: [VTE] Alternative API for

On Fri, Apr 11, 2003 at 12:46:51PM +0530, Biswapesh Chattopadhyay wrote:
> We are trying to make anjuta use VTE instead of ZVT, but we're stuck
> because we need a replacement for zvt_term_forkpty. This is bacause
> we're listening to the pty for the password prompt (for handling CVS
> commands, etc.) and opening a dialog to get teh password from the user,
> which we're feeding back to the child process.
> Can you suggest how we can do this using VTE ?

The simplest thing is probably to use the AtkText interface to read
what's being displayed.  The file src/reflect.c in the source tree is an
example of how to use the accessibility support to obtain and update a
copy of what's being displayed in the terminal and display it in a

Because the AT implementation models what is displayed to the user, and
not what's at the "bottom" of the history, you should probably disable
scrollback by calling vte_terminal_set_scrollback_lines() with a size of
0 (the size which actually gets used is the higher of the requested
value and the number of visible rows, so passing in 0 effectively
disables scrolling).



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