gnome config file search path


while developing a small gnome2 application I ran into a little problem. If I install my program to /usr/local (using ./configure without --prefix), the desktop-file ends in /usr/local/share/applications and is not seen by (the Redhat 9 default) gnome. Now this is not that much of a problem - the application works. But now I was thinking about adding sound to my application using gnome_triggers_do() and a soundlist file. The soundlist file has to be installed in /etc/sound/events to be used by gnome, so installing the program to /usr/local (and the soundfile to /usr/local/etc/sound/events) will not work. Is this a problem of gnome in general or just of the gnome shipped by redhat? Is there a way to configure gnome where to look for desktop and soundlist files?


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