Bonobo Questions about PersistFile and NautilusView


I'm new to GNOME programming, and I have some random
unrelated questions, mostly about bonobo (sorry I 
didn't put them in different threads)

*   Is the Bonobo-Persist-File iface deprecated? Judging from
    the header it is, but I have seen many *NEW* applications
    using it... And if it is deprecated? It seems to be 
    vary convenient interface: how should I achieve the
    same using Bonobo-Persist iface only?

*   I have made a sample bonobo control and sample bonobo
    container. I also made a nautilus that uses
    'nautilus_view_construct_from_bonobo_control' and 
    takes the bonobo control as argument.   
    I know that a bonobo control doesn't have to be wrapped
    in a nautilusview to show up in nautilus. But what interfaces
    does it have to support besides BonoboUnknown & BonoboControl?
    Mine at least didn't show up, and yes my .server file had
    a view-as element, just as mine (more or less) working
    nautilus view has.

*   I assume that nautilus isn't any different from any
    BonoboContainer, but why and when should I wrap a Control
    in a NautilusView or just make a NautilusView only ?
    I assume for very specific access to nautilus features?
    What are these and what are the possibilities?

Well, this for a starter. I'll probably have a lot more questions,
but I have to start somewhere. Please bare with me :)

Greetings, Steven

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