Re: Howto remove the boarder on panel applets?

On Wed, 2003-04-23 at 16:21, Jonas Aaberg wrote:

> Is there away to remove the one pixel wide boarder that is created around
> all panel applets? It is somehow always gray, and when you've selected
> the background colour to something else and the applet also adopts to
> the background colour, this gray boarder is really annoying.
> (Actually, it is one pixel black, one gray, one black and so on until
> you click/select another applet.)

What you're seeing is the focus indicator, which appears around most
controls when they are focused, not just applets.  It's rather important
to have it if you're a keyboard user, otherwise you don't know which
applet your keyboard input is going to end up in.  It's also an
accessibility requirement.

IIRC you can change the colour/pattern of the focus indicator in the
gtkrc file, if it's annoying you all that much...


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