Re: (in)SECURITY: mozilla-bonobo

Em Sex, 2003-12-05 às 16:06, Jean Bréfort escreveu:
> Le ven 05/12/2003 à 13:01, Fabio Gomes a écrit :
> > > 2a. Instead of adding a flag, use the "bonobo:supported_uri_schemes" oaf attribute.
> > >     This way, one can limit the used components to those that advertise that they
> > >     handle the protocols (http(s)/ftp) that are used to transfer files on the net.
> > >     Supposedly components that are aware of those protocols would also handle
> > >     untrusted data.
> > > 
> > Great. This wold solve the problem.
> May be it solves the problem, but most components do not advertise this
> attribute. I searched which actually do. The list is quite short:
> several Nautilus components, fontilus and File_Roller, none of which
> being used by mozilla-bonobo or has http or ftp as content. 

Hmm. So maybe the 'safe for web' flag could be a better idea.

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