Re: Helix Player virtual team meeting

Please note that I consider any discussion on these issues here Gnome
related -- if they're not, this should be moved to some other list.

ChristianHJW <christian matroska org> writes:
> :
> The filter will link to the Real DLLs once Realplayer ( or
> alternatives' ;) ) are installed. 

This fails miserably if you're not using Intel x86 architecture. And
the last time I heard, Gnome was not Intel x86-centric (it would be
even wrong to call it "Intel-centric", since Intel makes ARM and
Itanium processors which share little with x86 -- ok, Itanium does
support executing x86 code, but nevertheless).

> I have a 700 MB encoding of Titanic ... Try doing this with any
> other codec around ;) .

Depends on what quality you get. I can imagine a lossy codec (that's
probably the kind that you've used) that will make even smaller
output. Let me describe very simple algorithm.

- set "count" to zero
- for every input byte, increase "count" by 1
- output "count"

This is a lossy compression algorithm which indeed saves some of the
original data properties (i.e. a number of bytes), yet, the quality
of video you might get with it is VERY bad, even though anything can
be "lossy-compressed" to few bytes with this "algorithm". ;)

So, your point here seems moot, since subjective feel of quality
degradation is more than important that simple "compression" ratio
(700MB/Titanic :).

Danilo "Getting my point across" Segan

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