Embeding a Bonobo object in a Gtk Window

Hello Everyone,
	I am working creating a glade-based gnome2 program, and am having a
great deal of difficulty working with bonobo components.  Specifically,
I am trying to add the Nautilus_Tree_View componet, but with no luck.  I
have been trying to use the EOG code as a guide, but I am still running
into dead ends.  Currently, the relevant parts of my code look like

	bonobo_window = bonobo_window_new ("dir tree", "dir name");
	main_dir_tree_window = glade_xml_get_widget (xml, "dir_viewport");
	ui_container = bonobo_window_get_ui_container (BONOBO_WINDOW
	ui_comp = bonobo_ui_component_new ("OAFID:Nautilus_Tree_View");
	bonobo_ui_component_set_container (ui_comp, BONOBO_OBJREF
(ui_container), NULL);
	gtk_container_add (main_dir_tree_window, bonobo_window);
	gtk_widget_show (bonobo_window);

This segfaults.  Other aproaches I have tried is just inserting the
bonobo_ui_componetn straight into a VBox, but that also doesn't fly.  

So, my question is, either a) what is wrong with the code above and how
can I insert the Nautilus_Tree_View into my glade-based project, and/or
b) is there a good online tutorial to using bonobo2?  

Thanks in advance for your time.  

	Peter Snyder

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