Re: Integrating this behavior into nautilus?

lÝr, 2003-12-20 kl. 17:32 skrev Maurizio Colucci:
> Hello dear developers, 
> I understand that you have layed out a god-blessed roadmap with the future 
> features of nautilus, spatiality and so on. But could you please tell me if 
> you are interested in integrating these ideas? 
> See screenshots at
> This is REAL innovation and proved working.
> Think of the boost and publicity you would gain.
> Excuse me if I make a lot of noise but I think this thing must be advertised 
> (so I can stop coding it myself :-))
> Maurizio


I think it would be more than cool to have this integrated in Gnome. 
This app could be started by pressing ALT-F1 (or whatever), and have a
icon in the notification area that told us what things the timer would
do in the future. Plus it would be running in the background so it would
take minimal time to launch.

Just my thoughts

BTW, I've tried to compile, but it has never worked... By typing make in
the src directory gives: boost/shared_ptr.hpp: No tsuch file...

And a lot more errors. I have prolog and gtk2 files installed

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