Re: gnome-terminal: Adding Fonts?

On Sun, 2003-12-21 at 15:45, John W. M. Stevens wrote:
> Can anybody point me to documentation that describes how gnome-terminal
> determines what to display in the font selection dialog, and how to
> add these fonts to the list?

There are two font systems in X, the old one ("core fonts") and the new
one ("fontconfig"). All GTK+ 2.x apps will be using fontconfig, along
with newer Qt versions and Mozilla and so forth. There is nothing
gnome-terminal specific here, you simply need to add your extra fonts to
your fontconfig configuration. The default fontconfig configuration
normally omits most of the old X bitmap fonts, but this is a deliberate
choice to include mostly scalable fonts in the default font list, not a
limitation of fontconfig.

If you google you should be able to turn up an explanation of how to
install fonts for fontconfig pretty quickly, as it was a common FAQ when
RHL 8 came out. The short answer is probably "add the font to
/usr/share/fonts or ~/.fonts"


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