Re: libglade patch: Disambiguating translation msgids

On Tue, 2003-12-23 at 20:04, Christian Stimming wrote:
> The maintainer of libglade, James Henstridge  <james daa com au>, seems to be 
> busy by other means -- he didn't react to this proposal during the last 
> weeks. Actually I have a account as well. Therefore if nobody 
> objects to this patch during the next days, I would simply go ahead and 
> commit it to libglade.

Our process does not work like that. If you don't get explicit
permission, you need to work harder to get the permission. Mailing this
list is a reasonable start on that.

This is about the right time to be raising the problem, since you have
apparently tried the convential path and feature freeze is in a couple
of weeks. Send mail to desktop-devel (and probably gnome-i18n) about the
problem, quoting the bug number that contains the patch. Get the right
audience involved and this will get fixed if it is considered serious
enough (I have not attempted to evaluate the impact, since i18n is not
my area of expertise).


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